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Edited books


Sequence magazine. Published by Edited by Simon Payne

Essays, Reviews, Interviews etc. 

‘David Curtis, Artists’ Film’ in Millennium Film Journal no. 76. Fall 2022

'Back and Forth' (with Andrew Vallance) in Film Talks: 15 Conversations on Experimental Cinema.

London: Contact, 2022 

'Kurt Kren: Lord of the Frames' An episode of How to Enjoy Experimental Film (podcast) Oct 2021

‘Ryoji Ikeda at 180 The Strand’ in Millennium Film Journal no. 74. Fall 2021  


‘Harvesting Fields’, Foreword to A.L. Rees (2020) Fields of View: Film, Art and Spectatorship.

Edited by Simon Payne. London: Bloomsbury/BFI 


‘Lines and Interruptions on Experimental Film and Video’ in Experimental and Expanded Cinema.

Edited by Nicky Hamlyn and Vicky Smith (2018) Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.  

'The Rules of Abstraction: On Malcolm Le Grice' in Sight and Sound, June, 2016

‘1:57 Versuch mit synthetishem ton (Test)’, ‘3/60 Baüme im Herbst’ and ‘Grün-Rot’ in Kurt Kren: Structural Films. Edited by Nicky Hamlyn, A.L. Rees and Simon Payne (2016) Bristol: Intellect 

'Reflections on Assembly: A Survey of Artists' Film and Video in Britain 2008-2013' in Sequence, no.4, 2016

'In Contact' (with Andrew Vallance) for Contact: A Festival of New Experimental Film and Video.

London: Contact, 2016.

‘Negative Light: Contemporary British Experimental Film and Video’ in Senses of Cinema, online, March 2016 


‘Malcolm Le Grice’s No Idea’ in Millennium Film Journal no.62, Fall 2015 


‘Roundtable discussion: Assembly: A Survey of Recent Artists Film and Video Made in Britain, 2008-2013’ in MIRAJ, vol 3 no.1, April 2014 


'Framing forces: models of cinema expressed by films that frame painting' in the Journal of Contemporary Painting, vol.1, no.1, 2015 


‘Systems and Strategies: The Films of Nicky Hamlyn' to accompany the DVD Nicky Hamlyn: Selected Works, 1974-2012 (LUX) 


'Smooth Movement/Frenetic Motion/Flicker: Vice Versa Et Cetera' in Animation Practice, Process and Production, vol. 1 no. 2, 2011 


'Edgy Colour' in Inflexions, issue 4, Nov 2010


'Colour Field Frames’, programme notes for Modern Art Oxford, July 2010


'Vienna Report' in Sequence, issue 1, Summer, 2010 

'Colour Field Films and Videos', programme notes for Tate Modern. Nov. 2008


'Full Color Video' in Leonardo, vol.41 issue 5, 2008 

Interview with Nicky Hamlyn, for Light Reading /


'Malcolm Le Grice', for Luxonline, 2007 


Interview with Peter Gidal, 2001


Interview with Malcolm Le Grice, 2001

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