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Set Theory I-IV (2018, 19’, b/w and colour, sound)

The essence of abstract digital cinema. Set Theory I–IV explores every corner of flat screen space and corresponding illusions of depth. 'Part I' (2mins) involves dissolving surfaces. 'Part II' (2mins) adds alternating planes and the numbers 0 and 1, as graphic components. 'Part III' (12mins) slowly takes the screen into depth, evoking architectonic principles of the video frame. Adding another dimension, 'Part IV' (2mins) introduces pure, constantly changing colour fields. In the first instance, Set Theory involved producing and collating different sets of vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved graphic transitions. These were subsequently combined or sequenced by way of different rules that keep the conflict of planes, forms, tonal values and colour foremost. There are multiple ways in which the basic elements could have been handled, and might be again, in different iterations. 'Parts I–IV' of Set Theory can be shown separately or in sequence.

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