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Primary Phases (2006/2012 two/three-channel video installation)

A looping series of red, green and blue 'wipes' traverse the projected image in vertical and horizontal directions. The loop that each projector shows is a different duration, causing their synchronisation to phase. While the work employs a very formal approach to screen space, resembling the aesthetics of early abstract film, the patterns of the piece directly influence what's outside the frame: the space between and surrounding the colours is made a part of the work; and the reflected light simultaneously affects the look of the entire space. The documentation at the top of the page is from the exhibition Correspondences at the Art Gallery of Windsor (Ontario, Canada) in conjunction with the Media City Experimental Film Festival in 2012. (In this version each colour had an associated audio sine wave.) The second image is documentation of a version for the exhibition 'Colour Fields' in the Lethaby Gallery, Central St.Martins (2006). The third video is a triptych diagram.

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